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‎osamason – ​lose كلمات اغاني


yes, i came through that backdoor (lilodmv)
you want that smoke, i got that smoke (zaytona luh’ b_tch)
[?] two poles
boy, you know i got two poles
run down and i finesse hoes
big choppa [?]
i just spend five racks on my clothes
and i ain’t even gon’ put that on
yes, i got a nina, that b_tch h_rny
i don’t listen to that boy, he way too_
pull up to the scene, lil’ n_gga think i’m tourin’
pass me the rock, yes i am scorin’
do i listen to yo’ sh_t? h_ll nah you borin’
they like my sh_t ’cause a n_gga be flowin’
and i got yo’ hoe and she hoein’
n_gga tryna drop down, i ain’t goin’
i kick that door, i don’t care if you home
and i got a bad b_tch in my home
n_gga see how i’m flexin’ now he want me gone
i ain’t wanna sing, said i ain’t trey songz
and i don’t give a f_ck ’bout you and yo’ songs
who the f_ck just hit my phone?
i hit a l!ck, it went wrong
had to [?] n_ggas down, now he gone
i told slime come through
b_tch, i ain’t never smokin’ no boof’
big ass glock brand new
aim that b_tch at you
you can’t get blessed in the trap
i pull up, can’t lose
but i swear to god, i won’t lose
(i swear to got i won’t lose)

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