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osama dahiir – peace of mind كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: pieceovart]
iv been working day to night
just to see the light i couldn’t see, none
but i’m still working all night
‘been working all night
gotta pretend that it’s alright

i got secrets that i hide
i got the reason why i hide
i’m the only one on my side
“embrace it just let it slide”
here everybody knows what you’re up to
but they never get to see you only few
if you don’t understand, step in my shoes …my shoes

[pre_chorus: pieceovart]
you got everything wrong
why do you want me when i don’t want yall
can’t live in peace for my peace is torn
i’m torn

[chorus : pieceovart]
i need peace of mind
i need peace of mind
peace of mind
i need peace…

[verse 2: osama dahiir]
snoozing all alarms ten times before
getting up to the new page
as they say
as they claim
but i don’t know why it feels the same

change? no ain’t gonna happen
i’ve waited long enough
for some hint of hope and i had it
with everything and everyone
yeah, i don’t wanna talk it out
it doesn’t feel good
to get sympathy eyes starring at you
but i think that i could use some love
cuz i’m so done

[pre_chorus: osama dahiir] :
and every way i try
why i can’t see any rest anytime?
everybody craves the same thing
all day long
(all day long)

[chorus: osama dahiir]
i need peace of mind
peace of mind
i need peace of mind
peace… x2

[bridge: osama dahiir]
oh i wonder what should i do
and i wonder where would i go
and i wander how it should be
for me to get my way around it
[outro: pieceovart]
i’m ready
in my head m ready
oh i;m ready
for my peace already