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oozing wound – midlife crisis actor كلمات اغاني


if i had wanted fun, i would’ve made it
you gotta get work done, before you take it
easy! that son, is number one
don’t want to be a failure, you gotta be someone
don’t wanna be like me son, don’t wanna be like me
right now i could e working, but someone keeps on
crying! crying!

signs _ in the back of my mind
signs _ one ask at a time
signs _ in the back of my mind
signs, signs
in the back, in the back of my
mind… and i’m off, just trying to make a dime
oh, this is business son _ no time, for you, no time
why can’t you stand? don’t understand?
what kind of lazy baby just lays there on its back?

if you had worked for me, i’d fire you so fast
just cause that you’re my son, don’t mean you get to slack
what would the boys at work say? what would the boys all say?
they’d take one look at you son, and say that i’m to blame

guess i don’t know my strength _ i’m not a violent man
yeah i don’t know my strength, i’m not a violent man

but that’s what they’ll all say