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oozing wound – deep space كلمات اغاني


i laid the first stone and i walked the path
lost conviction in the face of death
forged, and left for fate to see
the purer the intent, the purer the deceit

a forgery for war
a weapon does what it’s for
a done deal
i can carry the weight
that always keeps you awake
that thread – bare
back and forth – we are stuck in this endless war
can’t even tell myself what they’re dying for
casual – casualty – lists to read
names, the symptoms of this horrible disease

it’s a fake

small price to pay – when you’ve carried that weight
when it comes to collect – i can settle the debt
small price to pay – and i’d pay it again
small price to pay – small price to pay

when you see what i’ve done
you’ll be the only one

it’s a fake