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oldsoul – anyways كلمات اغاني


a candle a blanket
a new way to make an old dish a favorite
a meal fit for his kingdom

my stomach is fiending so loudly
my demons are begging for seconds
i tend to overfeed them

they probably don’t even want
what i’ve been looking for anyways
another round of back and forth
a tablespoon of salt anyways

a landslide a close race
a new way to save face, a miscalculation
informal resignation

opinions on linens
nomadic depictions, the candle still fl!ckers
the hand still feeds us poison

says, “i better not regret the times
i’ve brought you back to life anyways”
that “the problеm we’re addressing hеre
is a lack of moral judgment anyways”
i thought that we could talk it out
i thought that we could talk
i thought that we could talk about anything else

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