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ogr-scintilla – ron mclean كلمات اغاني


woo hoo
let’s go boys
greatest in canada
greatest in canada
greatest in canada baby
eh, eh
eh, eh, eh, eh

i’m with the fellas
we got immaculate lettuce
holy smokes they’re jealous
flow stupendous
buddy this isn’t a scrimmage
i’ll send you straight to the dentist
who want the smoke?
buddy, i’m friggen yolked
lettuce as long as a rope
i’ll wipe ya bro
holy friggen smokes
drop your gloves let’s go
pull up with the gang
ron mclean, could be my co_host
that’s the swag
flow likе a beast
can’t be tamed
friggеn eh, let’s go boys
this won’t be a little stick check bud
stretcher gonna bring you out the rink next bud
ain’t no love tryna get that dub
make em do the hokey pokey with a hip check bud
that’s right foot in right foot out
don’t talk tough better shut that mouth
then right hook in right hook out
rag dolled buddy and the lights when out
better just pipe down so we don’t hectic
while you still got t__th left in your head kid
one good hit and you’re gonna need a med kit
wake up in a week without any recollection
oh wait a minute that’s what happened
he cleaned my clock cause i wouldn’t quit yapping
the fella with swagger and flow so immaculate
rapping like he was the greatest in canada