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off with their heads – let it all كلمات اغاني


i’m unimpressed
i’m not ashamed
i makde the change and i’ve come to play today
i am all my own
i walked down a parth tha was overgrown
but i cleared it out and carried away
all of the things that i wanted to keep me safe
i put the rest on hold
it’s all just noise
it all got old
run away and never look back
let it fade in
let it all go black
i’m not stressed
i’m not phased
i took control of the h-ll that’s taken sp-ce
inside for far too long
pulling my strings
singing my songs
keeping me sick
keeping me drained
taking away any good that’s there for me
and i missed somehow
we’re living in a world that will crumble and fall
run away never look back
don’t be afraid it’s not an attack