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odd future wolf gang kill them all – hi. كلمات اغاني



[intro: l-boy]
let me tell y’all n-gg-s a little motherf-ckin’ story real quick
once upon a time, there was this group of dusty -ss motherf-ckers
create a little group for themselves, they call themselves odd future
the motherf-ckers made a motherf-cking tape, odd future tape volume 2
you know, that ugly -ss n-gg- tyler with his b-tch -ss
i should f-ck that n-gg- up when i see him
nappy -ss hair
left brain, that n-gg- ugly as f-ck, big -ss nose
syd gay -ss, puttin her cl-t on other b-tches nipples and sh-t whatnot
matt big -ss, big -ss n-gg- with some small -ss earrings, bald
mike g, crusty -ss
my n-gg- earl ugly as f-ck, let’s have a moment of silence for that n-gg- real quick
f-ck silence, f-ck that
my n-gg- jasper, dirty fat-ss, that n-gg- boxers stink
my n-gg- frank. f-ck, f-ck frank, n-gg-, f-ck him
taco, ohhh, young b-tch -ss, i should, i, f-ck, i hate all these n-gg-s
and you know, that little short gay light-skinned n-gg- and that fat-ss n-gg- domo
let me just…