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odd future wolf gang kill them all – doms كلمات اغاني


(performed by domo genesis)

i’m a motherf-cking -sshole
it’s natural to act bashful in the presence of n-gg-s with cash flow
i spaz ho, laying somehwhere close to where the gr-ss grows
listening to jazz cause these n-gg-s mad trash, yo
and that, kicking dust, my sh-t is ridiculous
quickly put my d-ck in sl-ts who nose tend to be sticking up
silly n-gg-s, give it up, no person is sick enough
the doctor needs to fix me up, fix me up
miss nurse in the red shirt, i’mma need some f-cking head work
talk you into anything, with talking, i’m an expert
just talking to you n-gg-s and it’s sounding like my best work
best work? for now, yes with every drop i’m better
better than the rest, these n-gg-s apply pressure
these n-gg-s, every verse is lyrically def to these n-gg-s
when that he-rs- drop, 6 feet death for you n-gg-s
many men opposing me, no success for you n-gg-s
and i’m still on my bullsh-t, loc’ing with a full clip
that’s the iphone full of verses that i could spit
preaching to the real, why he standing at the pulpit
throwing middle fingers at the haters like, “what’s good, b-tch?”
nah, really, what’s trilly hood, b-tch?
hair [?], n-gg- extra mayo
that’s the friggedaire billionaire bruce wayne flow
show the f-ck out, dunk on a n-gg- and just hang yo
i’mma boss, n-gg-, f-ck what it cost, n-gg-
you wanna oppose me? chalk up a loss, n-gg-
get lost, n-gg-, out my vicinity
cause i terminate your kind, lames is the enemy
and these haters won’t get my energy
t the c, we did it, g
and i’m higher than an asian score on sats
and yeah whatever

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