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obie trice – secrets كلمات اغاني



ay cameraman, give me an up and over n-gg-
i’m ’bout to run this b-tch

[chorus: obie trice]
baby we can keep this thing on the low
no one gotta know, when a n-gg- come through
see, i just wanna f-ck you
and you just wanna f-ck me – our secret creepin
know a n-gg- got a hoe
and she got a home, that she gotta go to
see, i just wanna f-ck you
and you just wanna f-ck me – our secret creepin

[obie trice]
these n-gg-z think they b-tch ain’t cheatin
she in the club every week deceivin them
hangin out with toneisha and them
all in v.i.p. tryin to meet a new g with them
yeah n-gg-, yo’ relationship right
but your b-tch got a d-ck on the side
you fell in love so she know what you about
you don’t get her high, always on time
she need a n-gg- that’s gon’ f-ck her brains out
send her home, put her p-ssy in your mouth
n-gg-z get comfortable, fall in love
they don’t wanna f-ck no mo’, they cuddlin up
but see your wife is a sl-t, she’s just tryin to nut
she wanna get rammed but her man ain’t the one
so on the other hand she plan to get done
by a n-gg- who tell a lil’ some’n some’n like


[obie trice]
don’t get mad at obie
this is, harsh reality your broad’s a freak
she wanna get it in wit’cha homie
trust me, behind your back this week
behind her lunch break there’s a meet
behind all that it’s a low-key freak
but baby don’t get it twisted, us n-gg-z is dogs
it takes five minutes to f-ck, back onto y’all
catch him up, naw, but you seen what you saw
that n-gg- say “it wasn’t me”
he gets p-ss like around the clock
wife ain’t watchin n-gg-z bouncin on the tw-t
even peter boy diggin it out
all on the countertops drillin the trout
f-cked up thing babe it’s your bridesmaid
this ain’t j. springer, this is obie


[obie trice]
n-gg- had his share of broads involved
but when they hit the gan’ they just start to bawl
they say, “i don’t know why i got your b-lls in my jaws
my man take care of the fam, no flaws”
no psychiatric visit b-tch can help ya
you just like d-cks in your throat, helpless
n-gg-z come through, beat up your pelvis
then you run back to whom think you precious
at home she like aunt jemima
all alone she like anacondas
your man want answers, why play me dishonest?
then he seek counsellin to keep pocahontas
n-gg-z pokin holes in there homie, be honest
you got a hoe fo’ sho’ for a madonna
dudes don’t recognize the drama
’til another n-gg- get his thighs, got her and tell her