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nospūn – within the realm of possibility كلمات اغاني


that was it
that was all that i had in me
the d_mn thing i gave half a century
lying in wreckage on the ground

through the smoke
i’m not sure i believe it
another human voice calls out my name
instant recognition

a grey and haggard face rises to meet me
with eyes a shade of blue just like my own
like looking in a mirror that’s been ravaged by the slow passage of time
a vision that disrupts my state of mind

staring into the eyes of an
older one of me, i begin to see
everything that is and was
within the realm of possibility

and i
have seen some pretty horrifying sights in our in our life
but what i’m gonna tell you might just be the one to top it all

the truth is that the universe collapses all around us
in a sphere containing only this old house
it was too weak to try to keep our friends and family living
but now that i am here, we can turn this thing around
peering into the mind of this
stranger one of me, i can clearly see
everything that is and was
within the realm of possibility, truly i believe that
between the two of us
we’ll break this trend of cosmic entropy

“so then, do you know why i am here?”

“you’re here to help me complete the work, so we can get back to normal.”

“no… that time has long since passed.”

i hope by now you understand
that this would always be the plan
the world you gave your life to make
cannot be built by your own hand

i hope by now you see the signs
another waits to claim the prize
the goal you seek can be achieved
if you but let go of your pride

“wait… you’re saying i must go back? and give everything i’ve worked for… everything i’ve achieved… to another?”

“as i have done, for you.”
“and if i do this thing, if i do this thing you ask, what then?”

“the boy shall succeed.”

“and if i refuse?”

“then you, and everything you know… shall die.”

death for us
life for him
so the cycle can begin again
giving up
what was mine
so another one can make it right

is this how
we proceed
hit rewind
not repeat

fifty years
thrown away
to avoid making
my mistakes

this is it
this will be
all i have
everything he’ll need
sending a thought through time to a
younger one of me, on the chance that he
might reverse the damage done
and live the life i didn’t get to lead
so he can finally see
everything within the realm
of possibility

كلمات أغنية عشوائية

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع