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noir sunshine – .r.h. كلمات اغاني


i’m a animal sitting alone as a animal crazy
yet my domination and imagination is amazing
thinking of what i can do in time
knowing my life is flowing notes in sky as it rhymes
sometimes my imagination nightmares just flow
that’s just how my story go, ya know
back on stage i use to have a band, but now their dead
with the claws on my hand, every time i think, i know
its a murder scene with claws slashing blow
your the one that was breathing so fast, i was just hitting the jazz
jazz body sank to gr-ss as cuts in flesh with the gl-ss
king of the jungle people think i’m the president

(really? people think i’m the president…)

i just say be careful who messing with
a lie that your scared, shock, and alive
being the king of the jungle i;m dominating, demanding, commanding
your life i already k!lled on detour, before i even say more
hit your soul underground send your faster to town to town
fame with my game, but animal has shame as it behaves
rhymes are deadly acts as my nightmares come back with attack
nightmares fill my imagination as my dreams collapse
shame is not how i behave because my soul is not yet in the grave
i can’t contain without a complain to maintain the wild not mild
shout as a animal, k!lling with claws never doubt about it
my anger i just measure, sorry or being wild its my pleasure

(next verse)

invading aliens on this earth giving blood boils not so loyal
fighting the year 3000 with my bulletproof gear
to the waist up the bottom are levi’s seen in their eyes
aliens, now bigfoot, i’m kong hit you with a tyson left hook
survival cycle with eli and michael, ashes can’t recycle
fighting and surviving aliens and thugs with no guns
the world isn’t green so tell jackson 5 to share water and some afro sheen
leaving eli and michael, i’m, animal that’s gone to only make survival song
howling kong is the name, try me, pointing a lion mane call simba t-lane
saying howling kong is my weight, but i’m deadlier than king kong the eighth
eating meat like a monster with no pay

…and that’s some ruthless hate!