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nofx – my bro cancer-vive cancer كلمات اغاني


i gotta spend the day at the record store
’cause it’s the only place i can go to ignore
what i got
and listen to some punk rock

i don’t have the cash for chemotherapy
but i got enough for the hofx color ep
oh yeah

i know one day i’ll meet fatty and we’re gonna be bros
if i show up to enough fat wreck chords shows
and i’ll tell him that i’m dying
and i’m desperately trying
to see a dominatrix with reasonable rates
should ……… start with the cage (????) / should i find a sanctuary and just stop in a case in east dublin (???)
i said: “that’s kind of a random thing to say, oh hey!”

he said: “i’m brad, i don’t have very long
there’s something very wrong
so i thought that you could maybe
write a song about me.”
i said: “seriously?”

“i’m uninsured and it’s unstoppable
the doctor told me it’s inoperable
’cause my gofundme page only raised 50 bucks.”

oh no
i think i gotta go

he told me the cancer was in his brain
so i invite him over to do some cocaine
with me – ’cause he never tried drugs before

i offered him a line and he said he’s not sure
i said: “didn’t you just tell me that there isn’t a cure?
so why not try

some ecstacy and c-ke
if you’re gonna croke!?
some dmt and k
will make you feel okay
just for one night
you might feel like everything is gonna be all right.”

then he texted me every day
until i finally said: “okay
i’ll write a song about you being sick
but like your life, it’s gonna end too quick.”