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noble god – worth كلمات اغاني


kick out the door
seven b_tches in here know
seven figures what i need on the low
architects getting pressed by my vision
they don’t know what i seen before
i been through it with a lot of hoes
ain’t even women that’s just how it goes
all of these kids know they sucking for vogue
putting on shows for the views they don’t tote
i’m on the path to riches
i can’t get dragged down by no snitches uh
she wanna f_ck for riches
i told her come through lets sit in uh
baby just look at those digits
they gonna keep moving up whilе i’m in it
you wanna f_ck cause you know that i’m winning
i ain’t got time for no losers or sinning
likе what is you worth?
is you trynna show me who you really curved?
actin’ like that sh_t a flex in this b_tch
i don’t think you know what you deserve
i know it’s hard but the truth it hurts

waiting for you to call me every night b
i’ve been waiting for you for so long
gotta roll up for my soul lord
devil trynna get me for his own
know i really love you if you like me
just try to take the pressure off me
i’m rolling for two baby don’t leave
the weed you know it keeps me at peace
taking lsd just to feel
seeing the spots cruella de vil
i got my wife and you can’t interfere
if we got a problem pull up forreal
i don’t need no glock
i don’t give a f_ck
she wanna pull up
in that foreign truck
maybe with me
or maybe with another man that’s showin’ her a lot of love
i can’t be showing a lot of love
all of these b_tches they keeping their options ’round
if you wanna pull up just pull up bae
i ain’t trynna wire you no mass amounts
i know i’m better than him
i ain’t really trynna punch down no second round
know when you’re skin_to_skin with him
you feeling what i’m really saying now

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