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​nick6383 – undead freestyle كلمات اغاني


special orange lipstick that i pre_ordered because, every day is halloween
orange and black, orange and black
everyday is halloween

[verse 1: luvwillow]
every day is halloween, b_tch, scars on my body
stab me like the swan queen
i feel like i’m undead, the way that i’m haunting
just like ghostface, the way that i’m stalking
i’ma rob your corpse and hook you up by the gen
every day is halloween, all my homies undead
pull up and i bless your trap, taking pounds, won’t get it back
ever see these bands? hardly, pull up to the party
[verse 2: nick6383]
it’s a party, chop my f_ckin’ arms off
all my zombies, throw your f_ckin’ hands up
i like bacardi, throw my f_ckin’ money up
i need my mommy, i need a f_ckin’ hug
fifty for the plug, and i just lost a pound
b_tch, i’m going up, i don’t care about you now
just drop it low, b_tch, and hit your pose real quick
i got abercrombie on my fit, and ___ all on my d_ck
i got blueberries on me, my b_tch, she is a zombie
i got twenty b_tches on me, i love glitter and strawberries
take off your abercrombie, will you be my beauty queen?
i just want to feel pretty, i don’t ever wanna be clean

[verse 3: zak hilton]
too pretty to talk to you f_ckboys
get this money, got no choice
an srt, got a new toy
backrooms like i’m in the void
and i ain’t ever seen that lil’ b_tch before
i’ma need you right now, tell me more
my lips, your skin, you wanted this
my fangs on you, forget him
and i gotta let you know right now, i’m f_cking crazy
she ask why i love her, ’cause you made me
but i could sense it from the start, you’re pullin’ back
i just hope you’re happy in the end