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new day rising – revolution song كلمات اغاني


so instilles with love for violence and silence. our pacifier is denial that we really done need change. i’m pulse, frozen with conviction. conviction of a world ordered to wait for change, for freedom, for a new world. whwn i’m no different. what about color? is it what equals silence? and what is love? i’m on the outside of gl-ss walls looking on. and i’m searching. i see their bodies burning. bleeding. just like anyone and everyone. i’m on the outside, but i can still see myself in this world… not far from the end
and revolution is liberation. my own vision sees but nothing but fear. fear of what is unknown (of this earth). so must break it down. break their system down. take their rascist system down. and revolution is liberation. distort our colours! i’ts our mission, or allianse. fear of other colours (my sisters and my brothers). our only solution is to respect our world. reject temptation, respect humanity, (equality). if it’s to difine the hope? if procastination defines you as pacified! i’ts revolution towards liberations
so why must we stay in line? we must not stay in line when this struggle means life!