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nether – never i thought its finally over كلمات اغاني


strobe light
those blue wailing wall
the air is not so clear
echoing wave

crashes to my ears
sane’s my truest fear
pulling all my tears
living in a thrill

poke a needle
down to your white skin
you can’t call it evil
let the blood pour slowly

pull the trigger now
and you’ll set free
spinnin’ round and round
then you’re down on your knee

tie the big knot
please let it hanging
you’re feet won’t touch the ground
then you feel so slow

set the water stream
and let it be
while you sink yourself
and your misery
go tell all your friends you sick of your life
resentment you had feels like it’s trashed to the ground
all the attention that you won’t pay for yourself
ignorant faces are your biggest fear of all the time
feel sick of ignorant faces showed in your life?
please, pick a poison to sink down through all those cold lumps
ingenuinety, bigotry, fallacy are all i see

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