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​nebbes – ​beep boop كلمات اغاني


[intro: nebbes]
yuh, ayy, ayy, ayy

[verse 1: nebbes]
got a b_tch and she gon’ suck on my d_ck
yeah, she just ride it ’cause i’m next up, yeah, you know i’m the sh_t
i’ma pull a bag out that ain’t even the tip
’cause i got money, i’m with souchu and we hit you with this
my coupé not one, but two
and i’ma put you in the mood, my room
i pull up with my gang and then we shoot, my home, my move
and don’t you dare mess up my groove, you fool, i’m done

[interlude: souchu]
so, wait
where are you?
bro, your studio’s in the uk?
how am i supposed to get there?
you want me to take a flight?
there is no shot you’re gonna catch me goin’ there

[verse 2: souchu]
yeah, i got, one b_tch, hundrеd in a million
nebbes stacks be fattеr than a billion
the cash in my wallet be larger than neon genesis evan_trillion
i got rappers, one, two, three, four, pack ’em up like dr. seuss
if y’all step to me i’m default, b_tch, my chop gon’ spray at you
if that boy step to me then he know he gon’ die
my [?] that sh_t a bankai
it’s souchu and nebb_es, too goated, can’t lie
my raps [?] make a devil man cry
clip on the chop and that sh_t extendible
f_ckin’ my girl and i gave that bih’ plentiful
i body a beat, you body a bag
your music a crime, like that sh_t expendable

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