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neak – church hurt كلمات اغاني


i think god cares for us, desires for us to be healed
but i think he cares more about his glory, and that’s hard to say but i mean like
i think some people that’ve been hurt use their pain as justification for hatred, which isn’t right
jesus was hurt, isaiah 53 tells us he was hurt
you know what i’m saying
he was disrespected, but he chose to love us, and still chooses to love us, so i think that’s our challenge, um, as believers who have been hurt is i choose to love the church of god despite their flaws
um, bеcause jesus loves mе, yeah..(laughs)

[verse: neak]
yo, yo, early sunday morning, the same rituals
let’s cure the hangovers, with canton spiritual
sqwaulin, parents hands waving the praises due
balling, shedding tears, i guess it’s sinner blues
so how y’all love god today and liquor yesterday
hypocrites with holy ghost features became the mental state
my lens, so poisoned i’m skipping sunday service
perfection, can’t do it so ain’t room in churches
for me lord all in all my humanity sealed
away locked in chains, realest me never revealed
coping mechanism loud but i keep it concealed
i’m loving women to a fault where the scriptures that heal?
granny paid tithes but died broke
my cuz pushed coke never prayed but blessed us with c_notes
dripping gold jewelry, who is in deception
confused in this religious dichotomy, question?
how you tell a youngin’ god got em
when every vice living came and gave him rock bottoms
how do you trust his only begotten…..son…..the holy one jesus, only gotten…..one life…..and yet it’s torn to pieces
the hardest thing to fix is broken hearts
i read the last shall be first, but when will it all start, huh
take apart my thought, fear of missing the mark, afraid i can’t fall short you’ll nailing me up on a cross, huh
what that do to brothers and sisters that need god?
they keep they pain tucked up inside, can’t show a scar
gotta roll through it, do it to def, fresh, but god
at end of it, they gone see death, odd, what’s next for us?
poor teachings a bad gospel the realest issue
the same teachings from healed pastors the soul peaceful
some gain freedom some bound, from the same words, so really it’s human error i found
you can be called to it your call don’t call off the demons
possible we doing god’s work for the wrong reasons
possible to preach and be l_sting the wrong features
anointed being called, can’t put back the broken pieces
of people, lost in the world and now they lost more
souls unhealed saying god’s name can close doors on many of his people
and what it is all worth?
a promise unseen
welcome to church hurt
[outro: sample]