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n1ghtm4re – remind me كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
i’m gonna’ be honest with you, i really miss us
not only the love, but also the trust
not to be selfish, but now i got no one
my heart’s cold and empty, just collecting the dust
took a piece of me with you, but i guess that we’re done
our time was too short, but i guess it was fun
took you for granted, i know i really f_cked up
all the thoughts i implanted, leavin’ me was a must
it was my first time, but that’s no excuse for my actions
yeah, every d_mn time it always felt like we actin’
but i would give this all up, just to have that back
a sliver of that moment, addicted to it like crack
i live in the past to make our memories last
stuck in those moments, but i know that they’ve passed
all the memories flash, all the times that we’ve laughed
all the good and the bad, all the times that we’ve had

[verse 2]
i’m scared to be alone, i was so used to another soul
had you at my side now i’m fighting battles on my own
reflectng on the times i had my life in my control
it feels less and less the more and more i continue to grow
it’s ironic, ain’t it?
i guess i’m more stressed now that the picture’s painted
my life’s laid out but i doubt that my thoughts are tainted
entertained the thought of us but it wasn’t the greatest
ruin your reputation ‘cuz from all angles i’m hated
and probably from you too, the way our love has faded
i know we wouldn’t work, but i miss the times that we dated
we’re so different now, is that for better or worse, ‘cuz all i do is get wasted
talkin’ to this new girl i’m always feelin’ jaded
layin’ in bed, she asks “why don’t you love me jayden”
i can’t tell her the truth, that i’m still hung up on you
so i lie about it, and i say that we’re through