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marshall dyllon – enjoy the ride كلمات اغاني


it’s always something
you gotta be here, you gotta be there
you’re always running, always got to be somewhere
no time for living, and the days just slip away
you keep on giving till it’s all work and no play
you live by the book, and i live on a prayer
well, i know how you look with the wind in your hair

ain’t talking about love
baby, i ain’t n-body’s romeo
i’m talking about you and me, wild and free
flat out, down a winding road
and i’m not sure just what we’ll find
but i won’t stop until you’re satisfied
so climb in, baby, and enjoy the ride

call me crazy
’cause i don’t care where this will end
but it’s amazing how much fun you have
not knowing what’s ahead
and we might make it, or we might just go down in flames
but you’ll be glad you took the chance, and, girl, you’ll
never be the same
somewhere down deep you want so bad
to live the wildest dreams that you never had

[chorus x 2]