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mark seymour – good old boys stuff كلمات اغاني


i’ve been hanging around your old stamping ground
i’ve been up to my neck in good cheer
i’ve been slapped on the back and kissed on the cheek
hey let me buy you another beer

and you came along with your happy little song
i could have read you but i read you wrong
you ran for the cover when the chips were down
i heard you were looking all over town

for that good old boys stuff
i’ve had a gutful of your diamond in the rough
and your good old boys stuff
that good old boys stuff

whatever happened to the good old days
how come it took you so long
to get blown away by the next big thing?
was it the wine, the women or the song?

she’s taking over, she’s got the goods
she’s on the radio in your neighbourhood
she used to be in love with you my friend
but she got tired in the end

of your good old boys stuff
she’s had a gutful, she’s had enough
of your good old boys stuff
your good old boys stuff

here come the girls with their perfect skin
here come the new billionaires
it’s only jealousy lurking within
so go tell someone who cares

they’ve got the microphone, they’ve got the news
with their citadels and the new age blues
it’s going to come back to bite you again
but you live and hope until then

for that good old boys stuff
we’ve had a gutful, you’ve had enough
of that diamond in the rough
that good old boys stuff