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my little cheap dictaphone – silencio كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
you’re dreaming, i’m gone
cause when i’m here i shake you, i shake you down
you feel that i’m strange
it’s hard to live with someone weird like me
it makes me feel dizzy
please, give me, give me, gimme, gimme some grace
i can see in your eyes
when you make up your mind

[verse 2]
i know what you’re thinking of
i know your nervous laugh
the suspense is k!lling me
no matter how you feel
i don’t know where they’vе gone
i don’t know what they wanted
i just know thеy told me the truth
the real truth i’ve always known
but i’m dumb

i do believe in ghosts
when i look them in their eyes
but i’m dumb

i’m dumb