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momus – not intended for children (bill hardy) كلمات اغاني


ladies and gentlemen
this song is not intended for children

he’s a bit risque
not the least bit g-y
(in the happy way)
ping pong he plays
he wrote ‘sp-ce jews’
and ‘the cabriolet’
but he won’t grope us
the hippopotamomus

with advisories of explicit language
on every album
the censors are kept at bay

mo-mo-mo-mo-mo momus isn’t g-y

he’s a voyager
somewhat sinister, sir
a conquistador
with an -n-log synthesiser
powdered wig
hides a devil’s haircut
when bubblegum and glam rock reigned
a young momus dug the j5
and jane birkin’s shapely legs

mo-mo-mo-mo-mo momus isn’t g-y

with a mini moog
he can be lewd
most of his songs
are not intended for children
where the zeppelin flies at your command
dr robert moog made the moog he plays
and then it came
a song from bill from maine