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molly becker – love song كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
go inside, shut the door
close your eyes, there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore
’cause all there is, is love

[verse 2]
shut the door, go inside
feet to the floor, and open your mind
’cause all there is, is love

and what’s love to be scared of?
what’s life to be afraid of living?
if you never let go at all
then how can you give yourself to him

if you’re tired and weary
if you’re sick of the hollow feeling
then just open your heart
and welcome him in
just wеlcome him in
welcome him in

[verse 3]
go outsidе, shut the door
deep breath in, and let your heart soar
’cause all there is, is love
is love
is love
is love

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