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misskayshak – potential كلمات اغاني


you see i keep on my own wave
yeah i try so hard and
i might bite my tongue and
you can see i’m going places
i can’t deny so i put it down for me
let me get into it, drown myself in music
in tunes, it’s true, with my
mind on the game i’m doing okay
i do what i please, it’s my reality

so what?
maybe i’m chasing a bag
(maybe i’m chasing a bag)
maybe i’m living it lav_
(maybe i’m living it lav_)
talking my _ish and
spending on cash

rolling my spliffs, thinking up ways
making my moves, we ain’t the same
nah it’s all good, don’t be ashamed
i’m reaching my prime and
taking what’s mine b

maybe you could learn a little bit from me
maybe i could teach a little bit to you
you want it, i’m on it, i got it going on like…

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