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mellowhype – grill كلمات اغاني


[intro: hodgy beats]
keep smokin’
keep smokin’

[verse 1: hodgy beats]
bring something new to the table
and i don’t want yams because i had some yesterday
but i can smoke grams blaze one almost everyday
and i will shake hands and make plans with a featherweight
wolf gang clan sold out when we set a date
klux klan burn the stage down let it marinate
correlate circulate percolate a work of fate it hurts to hate
for me there’s no surrogate
it brings the f-cking food to the table
and if you get cheese make it provolone or parmesan
roll the mary j kill the pain and my other vibe
hold another dame and the main in my other arm such a charm
[?] filled with dro these b-tchens blowin’

[hook: x2]
it’s the m, the e, the l
the l, the o, w, h
the y, the p, the p, the e

it’s the m, the e, the l
the l, the o, w, h
the y, the p, get your money

[verse 2: left brain]
never been a buster n-gg-
i ride with them thuggish n-gg-s
mellowhigh, loiter squad
i ride with them ruggish n-gg-s
never f-ck a b-tch up in the bucket, she just suck a n-gg-
81 box chevy
dirty seats, dirty sprite
ridin’ dirty through the night
shining like some pearly whites
lurking for the popo though
f-ck them punks
exit out the way i’m a hit the shake junt
hey my n-gg- g goes smoke 8 junts
tear the bottle, full throttle
big noise, big toys
monstertruck, [?]
f-ck the sl-t in dope and sm-t
trash w-ng, that’s what’s up [x5]

[hook x4]

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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