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meja – dindi كلمات اغاني



skies so vast as the sky
with faraway clouds just wondering by
where do they go? oh i donâ´t know, donâ´t know

oh dindi, if i only had words i would say
all the beautiful things that i see, when youâ´re with me
oh my dindi
oh dindi, like the song of the wind in the trees
thatâ´s how my heart is singing dindi, happy dindi
when youâ´re with me

i love you more each day, yes i do, yes i do
iâ´d like to go away if you take me with you

donâ´t you know, dindi
iâ´ll be running and searching for you
like a river that canâ´t find the sea
that would be me without you my dindi
that would be me without you my dindi

and the
wind that speaks to the leaves
telling stories that no one believes
stories of love belong to you and me