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meg dia – one sail كلمات اغاني


never was a navy brat, but my father was, ya…
he warned me not to make friends with weather.
my love rests in a shipwreck.
with a comp-ss in his head.
i’ll wait for him, like vultures wait for bodies.
please send the wind out, i hear his voice now, at the bottom of the blue.
i’ll get my coat, it’ll be the second coming outside, when i return with you.
i’m a ship like you. one sail. one sea.
you and me.
and i left my soul next to the sh-r-.
one sail. one sea.
wait with my face in sun.
that makes me look less young.
i miss your half- irish grin, and our love is growing upside down.
they say you’ll never make it home!
but i will wait, won’t bury your clothes.
please send the wind out, and bring him back now,
because he is to me my life.
think about sinking down.
think about all of it.
think his face drowning out.
i think of it all