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maya lucia – spinelli كلمات اغاني


i was just having fun
when someone yelled
out my name
think it’s my neighbors
making me go insane

i get so wrapped up in my own head
i wish you know what you had said
when you left me
you’re [?] smarter
you’re getting farther
from me

all of the words
i gotta say
sound lame
oh i’m ‘bout to end it
so i don’t have to face

you miss me most when i’m not there
once i’m back you act like you don’t care

you’re getting smarter
you’re getting farther
and i can’t take it any longer
comе back tomorrow
when it hurts, when it hurts, when it hurts lеss
i guess
i guess
i guess

you’re smarter
you’re farther
from me