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maxeboy – so cold كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
oooow baby
you’re tearing me apart
yes you’re tearing up my heart
i’m going crazy
yes it’s amazing
how you could be so cold
looked into in my eyes and told me that you loved me baby
i just don’t understand
i thought we had something special baby
how can i call myself a man
you make me feel so small baby
smaller than a little boy
but you don’t care about me at all
you used my heart just like a toy
how could you be so cold baby
you know i don’t deserve this
how could you be so cold baby
the boy who really loved you
his soul is lost because you
and now my heart is bleeding girl
but you couldn’t care any less
was this a gamе to you from the start
playing my heart like you wеre playing chess

i really love you girl
i love you, i love you
but my love is all in vein
yes my love is all in vein
i really want you girl
i want you, i want you
but my heart is in pain
i said my heart is in pain
[verse 2]
i’m heartbroke i’m devastated i can’t explain
all this pain in my heart long nights of rain
in the storm
taking a stroll down memory lane
it’s a shame
that the love i gave was all in vein
d_mn, girl, how could you be so cold
looked in my eyes said you loved me
how could you be so bold
i let my guard down
and i gave you my soul
you had your fun
now you’re done with me in this lonely world
i thought i was strong
thought i had self esteem
tryna wake myself up out this bad dream
i thought we were a team
untill death do us part
now i’m crying all alone with a broken heart
baby you lied to me
with a straight face
i was vulnerable
thought this was a safe place
wore my heart up on the sleeve
not in a safe case
made a fool out of myself i said i’d never chase
let this story
be a warning for all you folks out there
never put your self_esteem
in the hands of somebody else
never let how someone else feels about you
determine how you feel about yourself
you’re worthy of love and you were born complete
you remain complete
and one day
you will die complete

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