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matthew isenberg – not an option كلمات اغاني


verse 1
you may try to stop me
but there’s a purpose for me
whatever comes against i have victory
no matter what gets thrown on me
i’ve already chosen to
do what i’ve been chosen to do

for you can try to put me down
but i’ve been filled with hope and now
you’re not a distraction
and you’ll get no reaction from me

verse 2
you have nothing over me
for jesus came and died on the tree
two-thousand years and still i see i’m free
for you were crushed under his feet
you thought you’d won but all could see that
jesus broke your crown and stole your keys

pre-chorus 2
the freedom of the entire world
the cross fulfilled his holy word
you’re not a restriction
and failure’s not an option for me


verse 3
did you cry out for mercy
when you were under jesus’ feet
you thought you’d have him all his days
but you got only three
you’re powerless in jesus’ name
he put you down, your sin and shame
he conquered all of death and h-ll and grave

pre-chorus 3
for you did try to put him down
but he still won the fight so now
you have no dominion
‘cause failure’s not an option for me


you thought you ended jesus
but he wasn’t finished yet
you thought you were victorious
when he was taken by death
his injuries were spat on
the scars that will be yours
for you just won the battle
but jesus christ has won the war

chorus 2

the king that came and died for sin
in three days came to life again
so though you’ve caused destruction
his life’s the only option for me