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mat (mat decoste) – daddy interlude كلمات اغاني



hey, you’ve reached m_a_t
i’m currently unavailable but, you could leave a message and i’ll get back to you asap
if you’re who i think it is


he loves it when i call him d_a, double d, y
potential future h_u, double b, y
got his b_tches mad and i could see why, honestly we see why
look at the material, beauty is ethereal (mwah)
hands in the air ’cause i’m a true f_cking player (true f_cking player)
dead presidents, ’cause i’m f_cking a moneymaker (a real moneymakеr)
s’s, plural, s_x? yes, oral
type of d_ck will makе you forget all about your morals
throw that thing back, tell him “catch it”
from the front, he smash it
hundred on the dash, sh_t
my energy, can’t match it
and we both can’t quit, whenever he leaves the town, i just throw a fit
told him baby i’m a freak as you can see, same frequency
i keep that thing on me, now check it
promise you won’t be mad when i can’t pick the cell
you know how much i like it when i hear you on my voicemail
[outro: voicemail]

yerrr, yo what up baby?
i know you’ve been in the studio busy, finishing your mixtape
but i just wanna let you know, that i miss you
i’ll be back in the city soon, so when i come through
make sure you got something s_xy on for me, aight?
i love you, hit me back