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martha the muffins – suburban dream كلمات اغاني


strolling through the plaza in the coal twilight,
sucking on a synthy shake.
hidden in the ambient, florescent night,
high school boys are on the make.

muscle cars are floating down the treeless streets,
blaring heavy-metal radio,
slimy burger chateaux everywhere i turn,
basking in a neon glow.

far away the cn tower silhouette
flashing through the downtown haze,
thinking ’bout pollution puts me in a sweat,
the price the city-dweller pays!

suburban dream — you won’t get mugged.
suburban dream — no c-ckroach bugs.
suburban dream — it’s really true
suburban dream — everybody’s like you!

the smiths have bought a swimming pool for twenty
the jones’ eldest son has caught the flu,
cindy, in a search for love got pregnant and
her parents are discussing what to do.

talking ’bout the weather to the guy next door,
hanging out in modern bars,
hockey night in canada is such a bore
since the old man bought a brand new car.

who needs the city’s rotting culture, rising crime?
here the air is squeaky clean,
television living takes up all my time,
making the suburban dream.

suburban dream — it’s really nice.
suburban dream — take my advice.
suburban dream — the only way.
suburban dream — c’mon over today

suburban dream, suburban dream,
suburban dream, suburban dream.