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marshall dyllon – is she gone كلمات اغاني


i don’t have to tell you what i’m going through
i know you can see it for yourself
but in the early morning hours
in the darkness of this room
i’ve never been so desperate for your help

i still believe that you made me to be with her
until the day i leave this world behind
but on a pillow wet with tears that still taste of
angry words
i can’t blame her if she’s changed her mind

is she gone?
you’re the only one who knows
if that girl who’s lying next to me
has left me here alone
is she gone?
is it too late to hear my prayers?
i know that she’s right there
but is she gone?

you’ve already blessed me more than i deserve
and we’ve both seen the sinner that i’ve been
so you don’t owe me anything, and asking this takes
but you saved us once, lord, could you again?


she’s the warmth of the sun in my world
and we both know i can’t give without that girl


i know that she’s right there
but is she gone?