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marrgielaa – rapistk 3 كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: wildkarduno]
(stop with that fake sh_t twin, you ain’t never going up)
yea, hunnid round drum when i hop out the range rover
we just gone spin on yo’ block and it’s game over
yea, b_tch we got that hunnid round
got that glock on me, made a hunnid sounds
and free baby k, man, had sold a hunnid pounds (free baby k, n_gga)
i know ‘giela got my back n_gga
got that blitz on me, i cannot lack n_gga
we just spin on yo’ block, you running track n_gga, yea
i hope you don’t forget about me if i get locked up
we just come to yo’ block with the glock tucked
and just like balloon, n_gga, we gone pop ya
pop a n_gga in his sh_t
you can’t come round this way cause you don’t got no bl!ck
shoot him, f_ck who he with
we just load up the truck and we get his wig split, yea
can’t no n_gga save me, yеa
call ‘giela pop out .380, yea
n_gga mad, he bеtter paid me, yea
them cracka’s they tryna tay k me, yea

[verse 2: marrgielaa]
yea, they tryna lock me up
young n_gga in that block tryna run it up
that stick on me, i hop out truck
i catch my opp he say, “what the f_ck?”
i catch that boy, tryna run it up
i catch my opp, he get [?]
pop out that whip, young n_gga what’s up
that boy tryna run, we hit him up
he tryna run, i hop out coupe
i’m not baalim, but i got the tool
i catch my opp, i’m not tryna be cool
i jump in the ocean, no f_cking pool
young n_gga, never went to school
i catch my opp, whatchu wanna do?
young n_gga, all i know is shoot
that stick on me, i hop out coupe
got that brick on me, i hop out the coupe
young n_gga, all i wanna do is shoot
i catch my opp, i gotta shoot
i slime that boy out for the stick too
he a p_ssy n_gga so i tuck his gun
i catch my opp, i make him run
got that heat on me like the f_cking sun
i catch my opp just for fun
i catch my opp, yea

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