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marlango – trains كلمات اغاني


hang to the telephone wires
that follow me through the land
the rails i recognise in my hands
i draw black dots in my palms
give them names and discover
a brand new world
but no matter where i go no matter
i still catch myself

in me i can´t invent a new landscape
i have trains advancing through my veins
i build stations and playgrounds for my mind to wader around
the nicotine and games i invent all over again
but no matter i go i catch myself

´cos i ´m tired of looking out
so i´ll hide in my world
all soft with words
frontiers lost
in my things, in my eyes
in the touch i´ll never find
´cos no matter where i go i reach myself
´cos i´m inside out
tripping over my voice
lost in my noise
tangled in my hair
but no matter
i still find myself