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mark seymour – home again كلمات اغاني


surely not the place to make a movie
surely not the time to begin again
but i’m heading down into the town of shadows tonight
it’s not paradise but i’m home again

well i’m nervous and drifting like a stranger
but i’ve been around here many times before
and these disconnected memories are in danger
losing you scares me right to the core

well the last thing you said to me
cut close to the bone
and i carried it inside of me like some heavy stone
still i pray you’re alone
cos’ i’m home again

i remember perfect open sp-ces
i remember running just to meet you there
but i see the desperation in their faces
people whisper … there’s fear in the air

layin’ low is easy there’s no worries at all
still it takes a little change to make a telephone call
when the writing’s on the wall..
cos’ i’m home again

now i’ve paid for all my troubles
and i’ve risen to the top
but i’m still living in the land that time forgot
i’m the kind who never knew when to stop
but change is in the wind ready or not ….

there’s a demolition derby in the garden
they say the past doesn’t matter anymore
when the future is a secret closely guarded
no amount of faith could ever even the score

sudden death is soon to be the biggest game in town
the only antidote to all the grief that’s going down
is knowing you are here … it keeps me around
now my feet are on the ground
cos’ i’m home again