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mark edmond – this too… كلمات اغاني


mark edmond, if you didn’t know…

i be, i be telling people
stay present as possible
try not to dwell too much on the past
or get too caught up in the future
just do your best, and the rest will take care of itself

[verse 1]
pain inside
but, the last time that i cried
was when my cousin died
wish he never took that ride
(rest in peace, dwight)
that was ’07, super bowl weekend
in miami, last convo, was ’bout peyton manning
loved ones deceased, couldn’t find happiness
settled for some peace
years later, found out i lost a niece
or a nephew, got that text out the blue
it was february 4th, like this must be déjà vu
staying strong, but not sure for how long
only so much i can bear
when nip passed, i shed a tear
i be feeling like n0body care
’til you gone, no longer here
when it’s my time
watch, the news
they’ll be quick to share
shall pass
at last

[verse 2]
in my mind, no matter what, think i’ma be alright
keeping the faith, that soon, i’ll see the light
tomorrow, i could slip and fall, lose it all
moments after, standing tall
giving up? h_ll naw
celebrating hearing no
besides, god’s got the final say so
on sh_t beyond our control
so, why worry? adverse makes for a better story
live your life, it’s all temporary
it’s just a phase, they’ll be better days
poke your chest out, make sure that your head is raised
keep pushing, no matter what
no ifs, ands, or buts
it’s all a process, can’t be looking for shortcuts
shall pass
at last