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maritime – pearl كلمات اغاني


we begin with singletons, sages, and the onionskin on
those of heartbeat back the buried sunshine
yea that’s how it is.
aggressive summers, broken windows silence
breaks the coming thunder.
aren’t we silly filled with hope and bandages?

all our lives in pearls.
and all our afternoons sitting on setting suns.
if there’s really nothing going wrong.
there’s really nothing going on.

we have eyes of stealing will, we are born
to kill and we will.
all our muscles ruffled feathers are fear
here completely. it beats me, keeps me and leaves me like a love.
aren’t we silly filled with hope and bandages.


you and me and everyone and everyone we know knows
it’s done.
aren’t we silly filled with hope and bandages
cant’s are filled with walls.