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marilyns vitamins – the turnaround كلمات اغاني


you think you shouldn’t have
bought anything they said
the only truth that you know
is the song stuck in your head
you took their band t
and wore it inside out
cuz they turned around everything
they claimed to be about

now they used to kick the walls
that they hide behind these days
never mind a living legend
or a f-cking thing they say
take a good long look
where your admirations placed
cuz your hero looks so f-cking good
spitting in your face

making promises
out of convenience and spite
going back on their word
and it feels all right
still they never could stand
a money grubbing wh-r-
until some suit came knocking
at their front door

and it feels like

since all of this
became just an act
all the anger from the “old days”
just for show
when there’s nothing from the heart
play the set and go
just for show
play the set and go