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marilyns vitamins – the executions of may 16th 1998 كلمات اغاني


well we threw a party but the b-st-rds weren’t invited
sent the guns and thugs, blue wave out to stomp it
best exhibition i’ve ever seen of
diverse community, harmony and unity
but five hundred voices became angered so quick
at the hint of a siren or the sight of a nightstick
culmination on bloor and the cops became more,
and started infringing on our basic rights
some marched on to meet the pigs in the park,
with the sentiments of what was ringing in their cries
feet down, arms locked, a voice for every mind
watch it grow, watch it grow…
suppression’s just a catalyst for doubled efforts
can’t keep the millions down, can’t keep your actions sound
reclamation of all that’s ours
ripping off the price tag from the public domain
suits and ties, mais, can’t be allowed to sell my rights
we’re gonna take it,
we’re gonna take it all back
and they cut your voice off at the barricade
locked out of the inst-tutions we made
malitary tactics as general policy
armed stand off with the militia that we funded
rejection of the values placed on that which can’t be quantified
you can’t buy a heart, you’ll never buy me
red carpet for men with bloodied hands
smash our children when they take a stand
from my streets to where the students choke
your free -ssembly’s revoked
poster campaigns clearly stated the blame
for thousnads of innocents killed and maimed
so f-ck the b-st-rds who pulled the strings
and treated murderers like kings.