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marilyns vitamins – tear it down كلمات اغاني


something’s f-cked up and we know it’s there
it’s rotten to the core but n-body cares
c’mon brother we’ve gotta make it right
this town’s going up tonight

what goes around f-cks you around
and if it don’t work then tear it down

and the bricks will fly
but half these mother f-ckers don’t even know why
they’re nothing but daily victims
with their first chance to attack the system

so they kick and shout as it all burns
ignoring the lesson they’ve learned
will the reason that you took a stand
die with the molotov’s in your hand

so do you really want to help
or do your ideologies just suit yourself
it’s me me me when no ones around
it’s all for one
when the crowd surrounds