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marilyns vitamins – ernst zundel voltaire and me كلمات اغاني


understand you’re a man i could never respect
for the sh-t you call “theories” i have only contempt
i’ve heard your lies about the holocaust
not an ounce of respect for 6 million lives lost
and i wouldn’t burn your books,
but i’d throw them in the trash
or find a better use wiping my -ss
and i feel no f-cking sympathy
cuz i regard you as the enemy

although you’re wrong
i’ll defend your right
to speak and shout your f-cking twisted mind
day you change or the day you die
i’ll be here to stand up and fight

how think, how long is that line
dividing your beliefs from mine?
and am i travelling down that route
when i start trying to gag your mouth?
but are there words that should be forbidden?
ideas that should remain hidden?
and isn’t that what you’re hoping for?
isn’t that the concept i abhor?