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maria mena – takes one to know one كلمات اغاني


“takes one to know one”

you’ve lived a haunted life
tried to imagine how i’d feel
if i was thrown into the public eye
before my wounds had healed

the way you flashed us with your
scars and told us about your rules
like we were students in your “how-to-be-dramatic” little school

now i can understand how
after all that you’ve been through
you’d lock yourself inside
waiting for us to come and rescue you

but what i can’t fathom is
while imprisoned in yourself
you wouldn’t ever take a look around
just blame everyone else

pulling the “look-at-me-i’m-hurt” card
got your friends that wouldn’t dare
question any little tantrum
no, halfway — they would meet you there

your lover fears your reactions
he’s like a puppy on a leash
he doesn’t tread outside your boundaries
without saying “please”

now i can understand how
you’d be scared to trust again
seeing on fame would be a magnet
for the tensions he confronts.

but what i can’t fathom is
if your friends lie to keep you calm
you wouldn’t ever ask yourself
who they got that idea from

i could be scared of you
i would cater to your needs
your dominating ways, my overwhelming fear of conflict feeds
but i’ve learned not to get involved
by admitting more about myself
takes one to know one honey, trust me take a look inside yourself