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manimolly – script كلمات اغاني


[intro: saive]
uh, yeah, yeah
uh, yeah, yeah
uh, yeah, yeah
uh, yeah, yeah

[verse 1: saive]
run inside yo’ crib with that stick, we gon’ rob you
pull up with that chop(uh), cook you in that pot
b_tch i’m sipping drop, imma pour up wock
pull up in a cat and i swerve that cat
he got that money but, i know he cap, uh
yeah, that choppa’ finna k!ll you up, uh
and you ain’t never catch me lacking, got a semi tucked, uh
and i’m up with all my brothers, man, we count that buck
and i had to leave that hoe man, she don’t got no b_tt
run up on you with that stick, uh
we got your block lit(uh)
gas got me sick
pull up with a new b_tch, yeah
she can’t be my b_tch, yeah
i just pour up tris, yeah, uh
if you talking down, on god you getting lit, yeah, uh

[verse 2: manimolly]
yeah we get him lit like christmas (christmas)
i’m with saive, just scorеd a script, b_tch
this bad ho tryna suck my d_ck, b_tch(b_tch)
i’m with zan, he sippin’ tris, b_tch
that boy a junkie poppin’ perks, b_tch
i got sticks on sticks on sticks, b_tch
this bad ho tryna givе me brain(gimmie brain)
n_gga run up, he a stain
rolled an 8th, i had greened out
this bad b_tch want me, making green, now
these n_ggas switch up for some green, now
walk in that b_tch, i’m looking sped, lookin cnow
sold him fenty, he a fiend, now
yeah, b_tch on molly, got lockjaw
bad b_tch tryna suck me up
wocky f_ck my tummy up
need to put my b_tch on cam
need a ho just like khalifa
rollin’ blunts, i’m rollin’ reefer

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