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mandisa – broken hallelujah كلمات اغاني


with my love and my sadness
i come before you lord
my heart’s in a thousand pieces
maybe even more

yet i trust in this moment
you’re with me somehow
and you’ve always been faithful
so lord even now

when all that i can sing
is a broken hallelujah
when my only offering
is shattered praise
still a song of adoration
will rise up from these ruins
i will worship you and give you thanks
even when my only praise
is a broken hallelujah

oh father, you have given
much more than i deserve
and i have felt your hand of blessing
on me at every turn

how could i doubt your goodness
your wisdom, your grace
so lord hear my heart
in this painful place


i lift my voice
your spirit moves
i raise my hands
i reach for you