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mall millz – eyes on you كلمات اغاني


mbc your crazy
yeah, yeah
eyes on you, yeah
i got my eyes on you, yeah
i got my eyes on you, yeah
i got my eyes on you!
yeah, yeah yeah yeah
i got my eyes on you, cause you fasho the one
you can’t tell me what i want, it’s not your option
and i ain’t gonna lie yea i’m feeling you
still trying to decide if you should be my boo
eyes on you, eyes on you
love it when you hug on me, it makes me hard to breathe
whenever i’m around you, i’m escaping reality
f_dg_ the world girl, me and you can live life
just lay that leg on me so i can rub your thigh
holding hands we can do all the above
just let me know what’s real, let’s keep it on the hush
if you wanna fall in love girl then what’s up?
eyes on you girl
yea you my queen girl
you the chill, laid type back of girl
i’m trying to get with you girl
yea you the one girl
only one in my dreams girl
can’t really explain why i’m feeling you
it’s just that type of vibe with you, yeah
all i want to do is lay up with you
we can kick it or cuddle boo
we can do what you want to do
it don’t matter on what we do
as long as i’m right there with you
yea i ain’t gonna lie
it’s crazy cause i’ve been feeling like this for a minute now, you feel me?
i don’t know why but
i just have!