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maddøxxx – once/twice كلمات اغاني


thanks, 4me

[verse 1: ohsmithhh]
i was posted outside, countin’ up all my cash
i wasn’t focused on lames, i was focused on stacks
not crazy, get a rack
not crazy, get it back
he so p_ssy on the net, d_mn, that’s so wack
b_tch blowin’ my phone, mad i won’t call back
add it up, call it how i solve that
real sh_t, yeah, we leave you with kickback
i tell her “chill out, just sit back”
all these packs, yeah, you know that i flip that
all these racks, yeah, you know that i spit that
ima run this sh_t up, get all these bands
check just came in, it land
sorry girl, you just a fan
sorry i get all these bands
sorry i have all these plans
he deserved it if he got scammed
why am i f_ckin’ with tens? why do i always spend?
get a check, yeah, you know it won’t end
she like “ohsmithhh, you f_ck with my friend?”
i don’t know, yeah, i’ll never hit send
[verse 2: maddøxxx]
pop me a 10, i just might f_ck on a friend
everything going alright, mama don’t want me to die
reach, yeah, i reach for the sky
you know my twin, yeah my guy
shawty said she love my rhymes
different colors, different kinds
speedin’ the double cup, i cannot f_ck with a hoe
shawty said she wanna smoke on my dope
grip a lil’ 8, b_tch, right by her throat
perc’ and the xan got me feelin’ on go
told you once, not tellin’ you twice
you is a p_ssy, don’t play with your life
nate keep a strap, ima call him a dyk_
i’m finna blow, yeah, i know its my time
shawty keep asking like what is my sign
sent her the greedy, the money all mine
off of these drugs, can’t walk in a line
aimin’ erratic, aim right at ya head
poppin, i’m poppin, i’m poppin these meds
do not forget things that people have said
we fillin’, we fillin’ yo boy up with lead
we runnin’ the race, we chasin’ the bread
feelin’ like carti, got whole lotta red
don’t talk to that boy cuz that boy is a fed
i leave the scene, you know that i fled
sometimes i’m scared, get filled up with dread
backing up, lean in my cup
i can just tell that you dont give a f_ck
she said she wanna f_ck, pour me these drugs, yeah most of y’all suck
xanax, buy it, that is a must
filled up, i’m filled up, i’m filled up with l_st
when i’m rich, buy mama a crib
shawty in the store, she do my adlibs
all y’all a body, all y’all my kids
take her to saks, wanna take her to fifth
ain’t talkin’ bout bnd0, i whip out a smith
choppa a toddler, it might throw a fit
told you once, not tellin’ you twice
told you once, not tellin’ you twice
told you once, not tellin’ you twice
told you once, not tellin’ you twice
[verse 3: ohsmithhh]
i’m tellin’ you once, i ain’t tellin’ you twice
you is a p_ssy, don’t play with your life
i’m livin’ lavish, i’m wearin’ nine
i’m just tryna perform, i’m tryna shine
f_ck a deal, yeah, you know i won’t sign
i got a check, paid me a fine
maybe it’s because i ain’t so kind
i spend a bag, get off my mind
you ain’t see sh_t, you is so blind
we get some sh_t, run it up
i told the venue “i put a hunnid up”
we got yo addys, we add it up
i love to drink so i pour it up
i’m in some beef, i show it up
i need some weed, i’m rollin’ up
he is not gang, he not f_ckin’ with us
i swerved off in a coupe
i told her “trust”

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