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machine gun fellatio – qweeny كلمات اغاني


(see if you can do what the next song tells you to)

(i was havin’ a really good time…
… and you f-cked it up, baby

i like the way yr hips ride those curves
this brings me joy more than this boy deserves
but when yr sister calls me late at night
i get confused & don’t know what’s right

yeah yeah yeah yeah

i like yr whiskey & yr fine preserves
and althoughyr saxophone gets on my nerves
i love the way you play the cor anglais
but i’ve seen yr sister in her negligee

yeah yeah yeah yeah

i wake up every morning just to see your face
i put the medal to the metal & get out of this place
and if i were you then i wouldn’t be me
and if you were her then where would we be?
well… yeah…

i see you get angry, i get b-tterflies
i wish there were some way we could compromise
i will love you everynight in every way
if i can see yr sister some time in the day

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah